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New webby info & sales sales sales... =^.^=

The new website is UP!
Please check it out- I'd love some honest feedback and constructive criticism.  *grins*

BONUS:  Fall cleaning sale still going on.  Lots & lots of adjustable gemstone necklaces left, necklaces & bracelets.  Custom orders happily accepted.  =^.^=  Earrings, more earrings, necklaces & bracelets, adjustable necklaces...
ADDED BONUS:  I'm happily accepting trades for items on my LJ SALE pages.  I'm starting my Christmas stash of presents.  Not interested in trading?  That's fine too- I accept PayPal [echeck, credit cards, etc], money orders, personal & cashier's checks... Shipping is included in the listed prices!  [For cont. US customers only... ask if you're wanting something shipped elsewhere].

If you order something from the website, the price stands.  If you're ordering from LJ, you get the super humongous sale deal.
Comment or email me!  zenithjade at yahoo dot com.  *huggles* Anj

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