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My mother taught me how to make these and I've been knitting them for over a year now, mostly for gifts and baby showers. Let me tell you they have been a major hit! One shower was actually supposed to be a book shower but I didn't get the word and when she realized what had happened, the hostess said "I wouldn't have wanted to have deprived her of one of your hats anyway!"

I knit with 100% acrylic yarn to avoid wool allergies and for ease of washing. All the hats are 100% washable, just throw them in the machine then lay them out to dry. I myself have dust and mold allergies so my home is dusted and vacuumed frequently and the air filter is run 24/7. These hats are super-clean; just right for small bodies! With the Teeny Beany hats, take the Teeny Beany off to play with it or when you need to wash the hat; it is fastened on with snaps for easy removal.

I have a number of sizes available, from newborn/six months to toddler and I can do custom orders as well. Prices vary depending on size and materials.

May this cozy hat keep your little one warm when soft breezes are gone and winter winds storm!

--Knitwit! (knitwitcanada (@) gmail.com)

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